Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh conjointly referred to as “Land of God” is 235 km from Shimla and is understood for its serenity and wonder of the plush inexperienced and rocky mountainscape having Satluj, Baspa, and Spiti stream snaking through it. A fraternal fusion of Hinduism and Buddhism at one place reflects the existence of a culture of a unique kind that is well preserved by its individuals during this era of modernization. Hindus visit Kinnaur to check the renowned Kinner Kailash, believed to be the house of Lord Shiva and therefore the Shivaling rocks, the stories of Pandavas and their link with Kinnaur may be a nice attraction.

Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh
Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

There are previous Buddhist monasteries and temples within the section that holds special importance and are revered by Buddhists. except for faith, Kinnaur conjointly features a giant scope in journey sports like trekking and athletics. There area unit regarding 9 notable routes for trekking and a few that area unit 5 days or six-day journeys. Kinnaur is accepted for its delicious apples, Chilgoza, handlooms, and handicrafts materials. Slight traces of modernization may be seen within the city, its cultures, and other people, however, the realm still be pristine, easy, and magnificently lovely Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh.

Top Best Tourist Places in Kinnaur

Can you want to know more about the top best tourist places in Kinnaur? Kinnaur is one among twelve body districts within the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The district is split into 3 body areas – Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar (Bhaba Nagar) – and has 5 tehsils (counties). the executive headquarters of the Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo. From here Kinnaur Kailash, thought-about to be the abode of Lord Shiva, may be seen. As of 2011, it’s the second least thickly settled district of Himachal Pradesh (out of twelve districts), when Lahaul and Spiti, in spite of that 9 very important languages area unit spoken within the district, Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh.

Kinnaur is regarding 235 km (146 mi) from the urban center, Shimla, settled within the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh bordering Thibet to the east. it’s 3 high mountains ranges, namely, Zanskar and mountain chain that enclose the valleys of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries. The slopes area unit is lined with thick wood, orchards, fields, and picturesque hamlets. At the height of Kinnaur, Kailash mountain may be a renowned natural rock Shivling (Shiva lingam). The district was opened to outsiders in 1889. The previous Hindustan-Tibet Road passes through the Kinnaur depression on the bank of stream Sutlej and eventually enters Thibet at Shipki La pass, Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh.


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