Bhabha Pass Trek or Pin-Bhabha pass is one of the most interesting treks of this terrain. Starting from the thick forest and meadows of Kinnaur and ending in the barren landscape and stark desolateness of Spiti valley crossing the high passes of Bhaba and Pin. This route has been extensively used for many years by travelers and trekkers alike. The people of Pine Valley and Kinnaur have been using this route for centuries for trade and this trek is very popular with shepherds. The trek begins at Kafnoo in Kinnaur and crosses over the Pin Bhaba pass at 4865 meters, the most frequently used crossing by the locals.

Bhabha Pass Trek in Spiti

Bhabha Pass trek combines the green of Kinnaur and the barren high-altitude desert of the Spiti Valley. The trek starts from Kafnu situated in the Kinnaur Valley and passes through the lush green meadows and grazing fields on the banks of river Bhabha. As we cross over Bhabha and enter the picturesque Pin Valley, we witness the spectacular contrast in the mountains and a stark difference in culture and tradition.