Kandraur Bridge Bilaspur is built across the Satluj river. It is situated in village Kandraur in Bilaspur. The height of the Kandraur bridge is 80 meters while the length of the Kandraur bridge is 280 meters. Kandraur Bridge is between Bilaspur and Ghumarwin. Kandraur bridge is located in Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh. Kandraur Bridge’s construction was started in the year 1959 and it was completed in the year 1964. The length of the Kandrour Bridge is 255 meters and the breadth of this bridge is about 7 meters. The height of the Kandraur Bridge from the river bed is 60 meters.

Kandraur bridge is ranked as first in Asia according to its height . Kandraur bridge is surrounded by limestone rocks. The pieces of these rocks float across the Satluj river. Kandraur Bridge allow two way traffic on it. The density of water in the Satluj river is maximum in the summer due to melting of glaciers in Himalayas.

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