Shoolini Devi Temple is found at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The Temple has an Associate in Nursing irresistible recent world charm. The temple of Sholoni Devi is dedicated to the god Shooloni Devi. The name of the place ‘Solan’ can be a derivation of the word Shooloni or Sholoni. The notion of the profane ambiance of Sholoni Devi Temple is amplified by the enticing scenery all around the temple. Chir Pine drapes the Shimla hills, Royal logic that yields the money crops of rosin and timber. Apricots and Walnuts grow all over within the Shimla hills. Paddy and maize unit two leading food grains at intervals the region Shoolini Mata Temple.
inexperienced chilies of a flavor distinctive to Shimla unit grownup at intervals the areas around the neck of the woods of Sholoni Devi Temple. completely different vegetables square measure big up. the real encompassing solan is correct for the economic growth of peas, tomatoes, and ginger. The farmers cultivating these crops believe in the god Sholoni Devi and pay obeisance to her by returning to the Sholoni deity Temple.

State Level Shoolini Fair Solan:

Shoolini Fair is a 3-day State-level Fair held in the last week of June every year in the Solan City of Himachal Pradesh. Dedicated to the patron Goddess of Solan i.e. Maa Shoolini, celebrated in the honor of Goddess Shoolini commemorates the three days’ visits of the Goddess Shoolini Devi to her elder sister. The citizens of Solan, as well as the devotees, alight here from neighboring regions congregate at the Shoolini Devi Temple. Goddess Shoolini is taken out of her temple in an extravagantly ornamented palanquin. The procession passes through different locales of Solan and everywhere it is escorted in a very ostentatious manner. The Mata Durga Temple of the Ganj Bazar is the ultimate destination of Goddess Shoolini which is regarded to be the abode of her sister Durga Devi. The Goddess Shoolini halts at her sister’s place for three days and then returns to her own domicile. The return journey of the Goddess to her own temple is celebrated on the last day of Shoolini Mela with even superior pomp and grandeur. On the third day, the festivity reaches its culmination. Wikipedia

Solan is cram-packed with the deluge of devotees and the entire township is throbbing with unequaled gusto and fervor. Thousands of people from far-flung areas throng the town to seek the blessings of the deity. The fair, which started over 100 years ago, has become a popular event in the district. Cultural programs, sports, exhibitions, trade stalls, etc.