Known as the ‘Valley of Gods’, Kullu may be a cluster of lovely valleys in Himachal Pradesh. situated between the majestic Himalayas and watercourse Beas, Kullu is set at an Associate in Nursing altitude of 1230 m. Kullu, at the side of Manali, is a favorite hill station with tourists, particularly honeymooners. Scenic views and snow-covered mountains, lofty Cedrus deodara jungles, rivers, and apple orchards have attracted many feature filmmakers too, Kullu Himachal Pradesh.

Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Kullu may be a hot spot for journey sports. Trekking, watercourse rafting, climbing, paragliding, and hiking over the chain glaciers area unit a number of the activities that Kullu offers. sportfishing is another activity enjoyed plenty by locals further as tourists. climb beginners will trek around the Beas Kund region, Hanuman Tibba, and Deo Tibba, Kullu Himachal Pradesh. Kullu Valley is a broad open valley formed by the Beas River between Manali and Large. This valley is known for its temples and its hills covered with pine and deodar forest and sprawling apple orchards. The course of the Beas river presents a succession of magnificent, clad with forests of deodar, towering above trees of pine on the lower rocky ridges. Kullu valley is sandwiched between the Pir Panjal, Lower Himalayan, and Great Himalayan Ranges.

Area (km2): 5503
Population (2011): 437903
Tehsils: Kullu, Nirmand, Banjar, Manali
Languages: Himachali including Kanashi, Hindi

The language is spoken: Hindi, English, and Punjabi are spoken and understood by those engaged in tourism. Locals speak Pahari.
Clothing essentials: Tourists are advised to carry cotton clothing in summer, light woolen in spring and autumn, and heavy woolen in winter.

Rivers: Beas

Travel Destinations:
Manali, Gauri-Shankar Temple, the temple of Tripura Sundri Devi, Krishna temple of Murli Dhar, the temple of Devi Sarvali, Shiva Temple, the temple of Gayatri Devi, Vashishta Muni Temple, Arjun Gufa, Nehru Kund, Solang Valley, Kullu valley, The Hidimba Devi Temple, etc.

People and Culture:
Kullu district has a population of 4.37 lakh with 81 % literacy. Almost 95 % of the population is Hindu with Sikhs, Muslims, and others making up the rest.

There are a lot of big and small local festivals and fairs almost all through the year and the most famous one is the local Dusshera festival. It is different from the festival in other parts of countries and goes on for a week. 200 local deities from all over Kullu are believed to pay homage to Lord Raghunath making it a festival in which almost the whole district participates.

Weather and Geography:
Kullu district, in general, has a summer season from April till June, a Rainy season from July till September, and a Winter season from October till March. The average precipitation is 800 mm, most of it in the monsoon season. The temperature varies between 35 degrees in summer and below zero in winter in different locations. The total land area of the Kullu district is 5053 km, a large portion of which is forested. The altitude varies from 1980 m for Manali, Kullu 1220 m, Jallori Pass 3550 m, Bhuboo Pass 3750 m, Mantalai Pass 5225 m, Sri Khand Mahadev 5156 m with Deo Tibba at 6000 m is the highest point in Kullu district. There are still many villages in the district that don’t have any road connectivity and people need to hike to reach there.

How to Reach:
Road: Kullu is connected via National Highway 21. It is 321 km from Chandigarh and 70 km from Manali. Private buses, as well as the government, run Himachal Pradesh Tourism and Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation buses ply daily on the route.
Air: Air travel is possible via Bhuntar airport which is 10 km from the main Kullu town.
Train: The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, 120 Km away on Mandi-Pathankot on a narrow-gauge track. Kiratpur, 200 km away on the Kullu-Chandigarh highway is another railway station.


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