Rivers List in Himachal Pradesh

The following is the list of rivers in Himachal Pradesh:-

  1. Chenab:Chenab is also known as Chandrabhaga because Chenab is formed from the confluence of the Chandra and the Bhaga rivers. The Chandra River originates from the glaciers and the Bhaga River originates from Surya Taal Lake. The vedic name of Chenab is ‘Askini’.It was also mentioned in the Rig Veda. The length of Chenab is 920 km and it is also the largest river (by volume) in Himachal Pradesh. There is no power plant on the Chenab River in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Sutlej:- According to Rig Veda, the Vedic name of Sutlej is ‘Shutudri’ and Sanskrit’s name is ‘Sathdru’. Sutlej River is also spelled as Satluj River. It originated in Tibet and after that entered Himachal Pradesh. The length of the Sutlej River is 1450 km, the longest river in Himachal Pradesh
Dams on Sutlej river:-
Sr No. Name Place Length(m) Height(m)
1 Bhakra Nangal Dam Bilaspur 520 226
2 Kol Dam Bilaspur 474 153
3 Nathpa jakri dam Kinnaur 185 67.5


3. Ravi:- According to Rig Veda, the Vedic name of Ravi is ‘Parushini’ and Sanskrit name is ‘Irawati’.Ravi River originated from the Kangra district. The length of the Ravi River is 158km before entering the Punjab state

Dams on Ravi river:-
Srno. Name Location Length(m) Height(m)
1 Chamera I Dam Bhattiyat, Chamba 295 140
2 Chamera II Dam Chamba 119 39
3 Chamera III Dam Bhamour, Chamba 78 68
4 Karchham-Wangtoo Dam Kinnaur 182.5 98
5 Malana I Dam Kullu 305 18


4. Beas:– The Vedic name for Beas River is: ‘Aarijik‘ and the Sanskrit name is: ‘Bipasha‘. The Beas River originated from Beaskund in the Pir Panjal range near the Rohtang Pass. It covers a distance of up to 260 km in Himachal Pradesh before entering Punjab state.

Dams on Beas river:-
Sr No. Name Location Length(m) Height(m)
1 Pong Dam Talwara 1950.7 132.59
2 Pandoh Dam Mandi 255 76
3 Largi Dam Mandi 26.5 *


5. Yamuna:– It originated from Utter Kashi of Uttrakhand and it is the second-largest tributary river of the Ganga and the longest tributary in India. The Vedic name of Yamuna is: ‘Kalindi’ According to the ‘Purans’, Yamuna is the daughter of Surya Deva and the sister of Yama – the god of death so the Yamuna is also worshiped like Ganga. It is merging with Ganga at Triveni Sangam, Allahabad where Indians celebrate the Kumbh Mela every 12 years. The Yamuna is the smallest river among all five rivers.


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