About Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

Bilaspur is a district of Himachal Pradesh. Bilaspur Town was founded in 1663 by Raja Bir Chand. It is also known as Kahlur. The ruling dynasty of Bilaspur district was Chandela, Rajputs. Bilaspur became a separate state of India under a chief commissioner, and on 1 July 1954, Bilaspur State was merged with Himachal Pradesh and became Bilaspur district by an act of the Indian Parliament. The area of Bilaspur District is 1,167 km2 and has a population of 381,956. According to the 2011 census, it is the third least populous district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located near the artificial Govindsager Lake.

District Headquarters: Bilaspur
Area (km2): 1167km2
Population (2011): 381,956
Tehsils: Bilaspur Sadar, Ghumarwin, Jhanduta, Naina Devi
Languages: Kahluri (Bilaspuri), Hindi

Rivers: Sutlej

Travel Destinations: Shri Naina Devi Temple, Govind Sager Lake, Bhakra Dam, Vyas Cave, Bahadurpur Fort, Sariun Fort, Kandrour Bridge, Rishi Markandey Temple, Bachhretu Fort, Tiun and Sriun Forts, Kahlur Fort, Bandla Hill, Baba Nahar Singh Temple, Swarghat, Jalapa Mai Sangirathi, Gugga Gehrwin Temple, Sidh Baba Balak Nath Cave Temple, Deotsidh, Purnam Mall, Rukmani Kund, Deoli Fish Farm, the travel destinations of Bilaspur District.

Fairs in Bilaspur:
Nalwari Fair, Gugga Fair, Baisakhi Fair, Shahtalai Fair, Naina Devi Fair,Markanda Fair
Festivals in Bilaspur: Basant Panchami, Haryali, Janmashtami, Diwali, Dussehra, Sair, Holi, etc are the Festivals that are celebrated in Bilaspur district.

Weather and Climate:
Winters (October to March): 19°C to 32°C
Summers (April to September): 22°C-38°C
Best time to Visit: October, November, December February, and March.

Bilaspur Traditional Dress:
The Traditional Dress of Bilaspur district women during special occasions, wedding ceremonies, and worship is a long blouse without buttons and a long skirt full of pletas that is called a “Ghaghri” and red color dupatta on the head. And also wear traditional jewelry of gold like Mangtika and a large round nose ring called “Nath.”And the daily wear dress of women is salwar suits with “dupatta”.
And the man’s Traditional Dress is kurta pajamas.

Bilaspur Traditional Food:
During the Festival Petha is the most common dish which is made in every house. And Rakhia Badi is also a popular dish in Bilaspur.

How to Reach:
By Airways: The Nearest way to reach Bilaspur district by air is Shimla Airport. The distance between Shimla Airport to Bilaspur is (103.1 km) via NH205. Another airport near Bilaspur district is Chandigarh and Bhuntar Airport.
By Railways: The Nearest way to reach Bilaspur district by broad gauge railway station is at Kiratpur Sahib railway station and the nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla. The distance between Kiratpur Sahib railway station to Bilaspur is (75.3 km) via NH205. The distance between Shimla railway station to Bilaspur is 88 Km.
By Roadways: Bilaspur District in Himachal Pradesh is connected by road. Bilaspur district is connected to New Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, and Shimla by bus. There are so many Tourist Buses, HRTC buses, and Cabs available if you are going to Bilaspur by road. It is (62.3 km) via NH154 from Mandi, (99.9 km) via NH205 from Shimla, (124.6 km) via MDR6, SH 9, NH205 from Solan, (120.3 km) via NH105 and NH205 from Kalka, (147.6 km) via NH3 and NH154 from Kullu, (140.8 km) via NH205 from Chandigarh, (184.9 km) via NH3 from Manali and (444.6 km) via NH 152D from New Delhi.


Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake

Gobind Sagar Lake is a man-made reservoir located in the Bilaspur district of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It was created by the Bhakra-Nangal Dam on the Sutlej River and is one of t...

Koldam Dam

Koldam Dam

Koldam Dam Hydropower Station is located on the Chandigarh-Manali highway NH-21 near Barmana in Himachal Pradesh, India. And it is 18 km away from Bilaspur. The purpose of the dam is hydroelectric pow...

Maa Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi, who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The templ...

Laxmi Narayan Mandir of Bilaspur

Laxmi Narayan Mandir Bilaspur

Laxmi Narayan Mandir of Bilaspur district built in Shikhar style is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Lakshmi. The temple also has beautiful idols of Lord Shiva, Lord...

bhakra nangal dam

Bhakra Nangal Dam

Bhakra Nangal Dam is in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh in India. The dam is built across the Sutlej R...

Bandla Paragliding Bilaspur

Bandla Paragliding Bilaspur

Paragliding in Bilaspur takes place at Bandla Dhar. Bandla village is in Sadar tehsil of Bilaspur district. It is situated 12 km away from Bilaspur. Bandla village of Bilaspur is now famous for paragl...

Kandrour Bridge Bilaspur

Kandrour Bridge

Kandrour bridge is built on the Sutlej river. This bridge is located in Kandaur village of Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. Its construction was started in April 1959. And its construction was c...