Located within the heart of the ‘British Summer Capital’ – Shimla, The Ridge may be a wide-open street placed on the aspect of mall road. The Ridge has everything, from retailers marketing some exclusive artifacts to the spectacular read of the covering mountain ranges set against Associate in Nursing’s orange-hued sky. it’s notable for heaps of things, however best renowned for searching. This place may be a delight for all types of tourists, and therefore the previous British institutions beckon guests from everywhere to the present center of the attractive hill station, Shimla Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla Himachal Pradesh

The Ridge isn’t simply a marketplace but conjointly the social hub of the town. This wide-open house is crowded with locals and nature enthusiasts in addition to travelers bored of looking at it. The road is lined with cafes, bars, boutiques, retailers, and restaurants attracting the large crowd that visits the notable Mall Road. It runs from east to west on the aspect of Mall Road and connects it to the notable Scandal purpose on the city district. On the east finish, it’s connected to the Lakkar Bazaar, which is the most notable wood crafts market in Shimla, Bilaspur.

About Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Shimla Himachal PradeshThe Ridge is the most recognized face of Shimla. it’s typically the foremost photographed part of the hill station coated with pine, firs, mountain range Oak, and bush trees. Shimla’s made past is clear from the Gothic buildings standing in this part of the city. Visiting The Ridge can sure leave you affected if you’re inquisitive about history and design. If not, you’ll perpetually earn your photos set within the spectacular great thing about Shimla, close to the snow-dusted mountains, exploit your friends and family in awe!

Area:  55,673 sq km
Population: (2011) 6,864,602
Languages:  Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kinnauri, Pahari, Kangri, and Dogri
Languages Spoke: English and Hindi are the dominant languages spoken in Shimla. A sizeable minority does speak Punjabi. In addition to these several native dialects of the Pahari language are also spoken by the residents of the area.

Rivers: Ravi, Beas, Chenab, Sutlej, Yumana
Neighbours State: Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand
Forests & National Park:  Pin Valley NP, Greater Himalaya NP, Renuka WS, Chail WS, Kalatope Khajjiar WS, Simbalbara WS

Shimla weather
The climate in Shimla is predominantly cool during winters and moderately warm during summer. Temperatures typically range from −4 °C (25 °F) to 31 °C (88 °F) over the course of a year. The average temperature during summer is between 19 and 28 °C (66 and 82 °F), and between −1 and 10 °C (30 and 50 °F) in winter.

Clothing Essentials: Bearing a temperate climate, cotton clothes with light woolens are worn from April to October. Heavy woolens and jackets are required for the winter which starts to set in in November and lasts up to March. In spring and autumn thin sweaters and hoodies are needed to beat the morning and evening chills.

Shimla Fairs and Festivals
Baisakhi Festival ShimlaStunning locales, breathtaking beauty, and a rich legacy of cultural heritage and tradition – this is what one gets to see in the festivals and fairs of Simla. One should experience the amazingly lively and colorful celebration of all major fairs and festivals in Shimla while in India. Shimla not only celebrates its own local fairs and festivals but also enthusiastically celebrates all the festivals that are celebrated all over India. Read on further for more information on the major fairs & festivals in Shimla.
– Ice Skating Carnival Shimla
– Rhyali Festival Shimla
– Shimla Summer Festival
– Diwali
– Lavi Fair
– Lohri
– Navaratri
– Sipi Fair
– Christmas
– Baisakhi
– Bhoj Fair

Shimla Culture
Music and Dance in Shimla are located on the lofty ranges of the Himalayas, Shimla is a place that has been untouched by commercialization and globalization. It is very different from the rest of the Indian states and has retained its old-world charm. The culture of Shimla is such that it portrays a sound balance between traditional values and modern thoughts. The cultural heritage of Simla is very traditional and rural. Read on further about the culture of Shimla.

People of Shimla
People of Shimla IndiaThe people of Shimla are among the warmest and friendliest people in India. They believe in simple living and are content with whatever they have got in life. The lifestyle of the Simla people is very down-to-earth and uncomplicated. They look for happiness in small things rather than search for materialistic pleasures. They are known to be very hospitable and make their guests feel at home.

How to Reach Shimla?
Jubbarhatti is the airport in Shimla to which regular domestic flights are available from major cities of India.
Kalka, 96 Km away, is the nearest railway station connecting Shimla to various neighboring states. Then train to Shimla from Kalka could be taken to reach in as less as 6 hours time.
Chandigarh and New Delhi are connected by National highways that lure the road hitters more than anything for starters of this tremendous journey to Shimla. 

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Sankat Mochan Temple

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