The unparalleled scenic view of rolling hills and plains overlooking the azure blue tint of the man-made reservoir of the Gobind Sagar lake Bilaspur is an alluring vista to gaze upon. The gigantic reservoir is formed on the Sutlej river by the Bhakra Dam, one of the highest gravity dams in the world. Built-in 1963, The Bhakra dam stands as an iconic marvel of dam engineering.

Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

The multipurpose dam has given birth to a mighty artificial lake that encompasses an area of 170 square kilometers and is 90 kilometers long. Owing to its location and proximity to the Himalayan ranges, the lake is surrounded by lush greenery and an aura of tranquillity at every turn of Gobind Sagar lake. Gobind Sagar Lake is renowned for being the third largest reservoir in the country which stands as a lifeline to Himachal Pradesh and several other North Indian states such as Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab, providing millions of cubic tonnes of water for irrigation to over 10 million acres of fields across these regions.

The enormous lake is named after Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs. There is a sense of repose and calmness that Gobind Sagar lake welcomes you with. The views of the artificial lake from the lofty dam or the elevated areas around are enchanting and worth a visit.