Koldam Dam is built on River Satluj and located about 18 kilometres from Bilaspur. It is one of the most famous attractions near Bilaspur and majorly draws engineering buffs because of the massive engineering marvel it is.

Koldam Dam in Himachal Pradesh

The dam is surrounded by the natural landscape and is often preferred by picnickers for a quick escape in the region. A top view of the massive dam is a breathtaking sight, and a trip to the serene reservoir of the Koldam Dam underneath the clear blue skies is a sight to remember. The abundance of the natural beauty of the location and the massive engineering marvel must be explored Koldam Bilaspur.

The Koldam Dam was built to generate hydroelectric power by the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). The foundation stone of the dam was laid in June 2000 by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India. However, due to habitat and environmental issues, the complete construction of the dam took about 15 years, and as it stands tall and robust today, the Koldam Dam is a perfect example of innovation and perseverance in India. It is incredible how the team consistently worked on the project and didn’t leave it halfway after a couple of options failed.

Parents often get their kids to teach them this valuable lesson of life while many visit the dam to learn from its history. A great miracle in itself, the Koldam dam shouldn’t be missed Koldam Bilaspur