Himachal Pradesh Maps

Himachal Pradesh is not less than a heaven for tourists. Every year, lakhs of tourists come here to enjoy. Himachal Pradesh’s nature, mountains, rivers everything here attracts tourists. Many tourists brought Himachal Pradesh Maps with them so that they could get help from it to find the best spots but they can’t even get any help. They also use Google map but they can’t get any help from it either. So, the himachalstory team decided to help them. We point out some best spots through Himachal Pradesh Maps. Click on the upper link to find out the best spots.

Himachal Pradesh Map With Tourist Places

There is 12 district in Himachal Pradesh. Each district has its own culture which attracts tourists. Himachal Pradesh is so unique that each district had a different language and each district has the best sights to visit. Click on the below images, it must help you to find a Himachal Pradesh Map with Tourist Places…

Himachal Pradesh mapIn this image, the red line shows the boundary of Himachal maps. Click on it, it will show you the Himachal Pradesh map with tourist places.

How to reach Himachal Pradesh

  • By air:-

There are three domestic airports in Himachal Pradesh:-

  1. Bhuntar Airport, Kullu
  2. Gaggle Airport, Kangra
  3. Jubbanath airport,Shimla

If you wanna save your precious time and wanna travel more and more then you can reach Himachal Pradesh by air. After arriving in Himachal Pradesh you can take a bike/car for rent or use a taxi/bus to travel.

Keep this in mind:- Some flights do not operate during winter, due to harsh weather.

  • By train:-

There are 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh but railway facilities are only available in few districts. Kangra, Una, Mandi, Solan, Shimla, and Bilaspur are the districts where railway facilities are available. There is 15 railway station in Himachal Pradesh.

1.Pathankot(Punjab) – Jogindar nagar(Mandi)

52471 Ptk jdnx Passenger and 52473 Ptk jdnx Passenger are the two trains that travel from Pathankot(Punjab) to Joginder Nagar via Kangra. It covers a distance of 164 km in 8 hours.52473 Ptk jdnx Passenge was the slowest train on this route.

2. Delhi – Una

Janshstabdi is the fastest express train which covers a distance of 401 km in 7 hr 35 mint. . The Janshstabdi started from New Delhi railway station and passes through Panipat, Ambala and reach its destination Una railway station. When you reach Una you can take a cab or auto autorickshaw to ISBT Una which is 2 km far from there.

3. Kalka – Shimla

If you ever planned to visit Shimla then never miss your chance to use the Kalka-Shimla toy train. Kalka to Shimla was the oldest railway line in Himachal Prades. In 2008 UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Railway Line. In 1903 it was completely built, H. S. Harington was the project’s chief engineer. The purpose of making it was to connect to Shimla’s summer capital of British India. There are seven trains, which cover 96 km through 864 bridges,102 tunnels,900 curves in six hours. If you take my suggestion, Shivalk Dlx Spl (04528) is the best train to travel because it is the fastest train on that track.

  • By road:-

If you have your own vehicle then you can travel in Himachal Pradesh without any restriction. You just need some documents like your vehicle paper, driving license, etc. If you do not have your own vehicle then you can travel by bus and if you are traveling along with your family then take a car for rent or book a cab. Keep this in mind:-Himachal Pradesh roads are not for your test drives so drive carefully.



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