On 9th September 1844, the foundation stone of Christ Church. For the Divine Services, the church building was given a license in 1846 on 11th October. The church actually became sanctified in the year 1857 on 10th January. The consecration of the Christ Church was done by Bishop Reverend Thomas Daltry. The total construction was over in 13 years. The total cost of church construction was about Rs40, 000-50,000 Christ Church Shimla.

The Architecture of Christ Church

The building of Christ Church had the dimension of 100 ft x 42 ft. At one time about 574 people could sit inside the church. There is the provision of increasing the sitting arrangement to about 630. The towers of this church are about 90 ft high. The church has a bell made of brass, a clock, and a set of 5 tubular bells Christ Church Shimla.

Location of Christ Church

The Christ Church has its location in the prime area of Shimla Town, the Ridge. Being an important part of Shimla Town, the Ridge is flocked with locals as well as tourists. Many enjoy walking down to the age-old building of Christ Church to have some moments of peace and spirituality.

How to Reach Christ Church

Visitors can either walk down to Christ Church, located in close proximity to the Shimla US Club. From the heart of the center, visitors have to travel only 3.6 km to reach this church.