Theog is a town in the Shimla district. Theog is situated at a distance of 27 kilometers from Shimla. And there is also a tehsil with a municipal committee. It is a popular hill station which is a quiet area away from the noise of the crowd. tourist can come here anytime. People like to come here more in winter, at that time people enjoy snowfall here. Famous political leaders like Mrs. Vidya Stokes and Mr. Rakesh Verma are residents of Theog. Royal Apple Picture is also a major production house based in Theog. Here you can learn all information about Theog in Shimla Himachal Pradesh.

Theog in Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Theog is a city in the Shimla district. And there is a Municipality and Tesil. It is situated on the National Highway NH22 Hindustan-Tibet Road. The height above sea level is 1965 meters. Theog is considered to be the city of five ‘Ghats’ namely Rahi Ghat, Deori Ghat, Prem Ghat, Janoghat, and Bagh Ghat. The main languages here are Pahari and Hindi. Theog is also considered the top producer of vegetables in India. Cauliflower, Potato, Broccoli, and Capsicum are the major vegetables grown here. As well as vegetables, fruits including apples, peaches, cherries, and apricots are also produced. And people are also contributing well in the fields like the army, transport, police, and education.

The people of this place follow proper Pahari culture and make a great contribution to Pahari folk music. Layak Ram is a famous lyricist here. And Kuldeep Sharma is also a famous lyricist here. Kuldeep Sharma is famous in Himachal Pradesh and people like him a lot.

History of Theog

Theog was a district of the Chandela dynasty. Theog was earlier ruled by the Chandela rulers. The son of a Chandela Rajput of Jaipur shared a common line of descent with the founders of the Ghund dynasty and the Dharampur Madhans. and by a sanad of September 1815, the state was made under the Keonthal Estate.

Prior to 15 August 1947, the Sainj princely state in Theog ruled most of the demographic and geographical area. Theog’s revolutionaries and local people openly rebelled against the princely state of Sainj. And they unanimously passed the resolution. And became a part of the Republic of India on 5 August 1947.


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