Ajay Saklani

    Ajay Saklani

    Ajay Saklani was born on 30 September 1983 in Mandi, Himachal. And grew up in a remote village in Mandi. Ajay Saklani moved to Mumbai in 2018 to fulfill his dreams. Saklani is a film producer and is best known for his debut feature film ‘Saanjh’. Saklani is the first director to release a feature film in the Himachali language and has made a mark. Ajay Saklani was awarded the Himachal Excellence Award in 2016 and the Himachal Award for Excellence in Cinema in 2018.

    About Ajay Saklani

    Ajay Saklani has told about himself in some interviews that he used to watch movies since childhood. And during his college time, he had thought that he would make his career in this. His passion took him to the theater where he started his career in acting. After some time he moved to Delhi and continued doing theater there. Ajay joined the TV industry as a video editor in Delhi. There Ajay continued to work with various TV channels in various positions and honed his skills in editing, cinematography, and direction.

    While working in the TV industry, Ajay Saklani also focused a lot on socio-cultural issues and made some independent documentaries. One of his Tantra documentaries was titled ‘Upasmar’, which is about deaths due to malnutrition among children in tribal areas of Maharashtra state (India). The documentary received acclaim at prestigious film festivals around the world. For this also people started knowing him more. Along with being a filmmaker, Ajay also focuses on some of the wrong things happening in society and takes care of those issues. It has to be accepted that the people of Himachali openly raise the issues in society.


    Ajay holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. He has been working for 18 years and has worked as an editor, cinematographer, and director with many reputed TV channels and production houses. He has also received the ‘Best Feature Film’ award at the Borrego Springs Film Festival 2017 for his film Saanjh. Saanjh movie was released in Himachali Boli on 14 April 2017 in cinema halls across India and he got a lot of appreciation for this movie. Saanjh movie is also dubbed in the Hindi language. And Saanjh was the first film to be released in the Himachali dialect in cinema halls. and has won ‘The Award of Merit’ at the Accolade Global Film Competition 2016.



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