A visit to Manali is no doubt incomplete without a holiday at the Manali Sanctuary, which is an astounding and impressive wildlife sanctuary located in Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The wildlife sanctuary is within walking distance of the main town and city center of Manali and is the ideal spot to explore the rich flora and fauna that the place harbors. Other than opportunities for sighting a variety of these reptiles, birds, animals, and mammals; the place also has ample options that will entice the adventurous and fun-loving soul. These include fabulous trekking routes and camping facilities.

The Sanctuary commences from just behind the town and extends all the way up in the mountains behind the hill station. The Manali Wildlife Sanctuary has officially declared a sanctuary in the year 1954 on 26 February, under the Punjab Birds and Wild Animals Protection Act of 1933. Spread over an area of just 31.80 square kilometers, the sanctuary, nevertheless, has everything that you would expect from a typical shelter.

What it provides in addition to the usual biological diversity and adventure sports is its breathtaking scenic beauty. Visitors get to explore snow-capped mountains, alpine trees, and the picturesque beauty of the surroundings, all at the same time.