Jogini Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This waterfall is near Vashishtha village, located at a distance of around 2 km from Manali city of Kullu district. From where the trek to Jogini Waterfall starts which is around 3km. This waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls of Himachal Pradesh. This place is a very good place for trekking people and nature lovers. Its height and its viral beauty experience attract people. Jogini Waterfall in Manali is one of the best tourist places and many people visit it here, but not many people know about this place, hence we are telling it in detail in this blog. Its history has been important in the lives of the local people and it has been given importance from a religious and cultural point of view.

Jogini Waterfall in Manali

Jogini Waterfall in Manali is one of the best tourist places in the Kullu district. The waterfall here has been associated with worship and religious rituals, which makes it even more special. This waterfall falls from a height of 150 feet. As the water from the waterfall falls it forms a small bridge where visitors can take a dip in the water. There is also a temple of Jogini Mata situated at some distance from this waterfall. Which is important for the local people. The best time to visit Jogini Waterfall is between March to June and September to November. The temperature here remains clear at this time. And this is the right time to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Due to snowfall in Manali from December to February, it can be difficult to reach the waterfalls.

How to Reach Jogini Waterfall

Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh, and Jogini Falls is near Manali. The most common and famous way to reach Jogini Falls is by road. From Manali, you can use a taxi, bus, or car. Jogini Falls is located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from Manali city. By Air: Air travel can be done to Manali through the nearest airport, Bhundi or Chandigarh Art Transit Point. After this, the journey from Manali to Jogini Falls can be done in the ways mentioned above. Manali has no direct railway line. You can reach the nearest railway station after serving, and then from there, you have to proceed to Manali by road or air.


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