Beas Kund is a high-altitude alpine lake that sits royally amidst the mountains of Himachal, at an altitude of 3,700 meters This taintless beauty is the origin of the Beas River, which is believed to be the water body where Sage Vyas use to take bath while he meditated. The trek begins from Solang Nallah which is known for skiing and paragliding. Mesmerizing meadows of Dhundi and Bakarthach will be a part of your trail on this trek. Majestic peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters will be your companion on this trek. One will also come across the Beas Kund Glacier while advancing towards Beas Kund. Pluck the wild strawberries and mushrooms on your way and lazily watch herds of sheep and goats grazing. This summer trek is a perfect choice for beginners because of its short duration and easy difficulty level Beas Kund Trek.

General Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure you carry warm clothes irrespective of the fact that what season you are traveling in.
2. Carry your own trekking gear and equipment and be always prepared.
3. Carry a medical aid kit and your usual medicines for the way.
4. A good pair of trekking shoes is a must.
5. Carry raingear no matter if you are traveling during monsoon season.
6. Make sure you obtain all the permits well in advance required for trekking in the region.
7. Make sure you carry spare batteries and film roll for the camera as there will be no electricity supply.
8. A well-informed and trained guide is very important and does make sure to sort out all trivial things well in advance to avoid misunderstanding.