Sunder Nagar is a city located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The city of Sundernagar was earlier a princely state known as the Suket princely state. Sunder Nagar City is situated at a height above sea level. Sunder Nagar is situated at an altitude of about 1,174 meters above sea level. The area of this city is 432 km², in which 1.02 lakh people live. Raja Garur Sen was the first king here. And Raja Veer Sen established the princely state of Suket in 756 AD. Then Sundar Nagar was the capital of Suket. At that time the descendants of this state had fought many battles in which the chief was with Kullu.

Sunder Nagar Mandi

The city shares its boundary with Bilaspur, Mandi, and Kullu. There was more stability and happiness when Madan Sen became king in the thirteenth century. That time was also called the ‘Golden Age of Suket’. This was the longest promise for that ruler. Raja Laxman Sen was the last king to rule Suket. Whose rule started in 1920? Which lasted for a very short time but he had done very important things during his rule. He built primary schools for boys and girls and also constructed many new roads. He also constructed many public buildings, courts, and orphanages. On 15 April 1948, Mandi and Sundernagar were merged to form a single district known as Mandi.

Best time to visit Sunder Nager

The best time to visit Sunder Nager is in April and October. Mahamaya Temple, Sukhdev Vatika, Sheetla Mata Temple, and Murari Devi Temple is the most visited place in Sunder Nager. From 22nd March to 28th March sunder nagar is celebrated Nalwar Mela every year. It is a state sessional fair. The idea of this fair was given by W. Goldstein. And this fair was started in 1889 by Raja Vikram Sen. Sunder Nager is also the home of Asia’s largest hydel project – the Beas-Sutlej Hydro-Electric Project. It is also called the BBMB project. This project diverts the water of river Beas at Pandoh which is brought to Sundernagar through a canal and stored in a man-made lake popularly known as Sundernagar Lake. The water is then used to generate electricity at the Dehar Power House also used to generate.

How to reach Sunder Nagar Himachal Pradesh

The nearest airport to reach Sundar Nagar by air is Bhuntar Airport which is located in the Kullu district. You can also take a flight to Shimla or Kangra Airport. And the nearest Railway Station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station which is located 80 km away from Sundernagar. And if you enjoy your journey by road then Sunder Nagar is well connected by road to every district of Himachal Pradesh and every state of India. Many HRTC buses and Volvo buses are available to reach Sunder Nager.


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