Sunder Nagar was formerly a Princely state known as Suket. The fascinating beauty of this small town is embraced by the man-made lake produced by the waters of the Beas-Sutlej Project. This project is India’s Biggest Hydel Project. It is known for its shady and high towering trees. The green beauty is perfect for winter as well as summer getaways. It might be a small town but visiting here will surely soothe your mind and soul.

The glory of its soil speaks of the traditional heritage of the place. The temples represent the rich culture of the area; the most visited being Mahamaya Temple. Sunder Nagar was once the jail of Mandi, but today it is a municipal council of the Mandi District.

The place is quite peaceful and has a good number of locations ushering scenic beauty. It is a blessed town with natural beauty. Perched at an altitude of 1174 ms, the small town has a lot to offer.