This adventure activity is popular and carried out at various places in Dalhousie, especially in Khajjiar. Since the activity is done under professional supervision, it is best to go in groups, since individual training and activity might cost a bit more Rock Climbing Dalhousie.

Rock climbing is an adventure activity that is very popular in Dalhousie. It takes place in various parts of the city including Khajjar. The activity is meant for those who are fond of adventure and want to experience some thrill. The participant is required to climb up, down, and across rock formations or artificial rock walls. The climbing is done up to a predefined summit point with the assistance of a rope, harness, and some safety gear. The activity organizers provide all the equipment, and it is done under the guidance of a well-trained instructor. It is advised to go for the activity as a group since individual training might be a bit expensive.