Kinkri Devi

    Kinkri Devi
    Kinkri Devi

    Kinkri Devi (1925 – 30 December 2007) was an Indian activist and environmentalist, best known for waging a war on illegal mining and quarrying in her native state of Himachal Pradesh. She never knew how to read or write and learned how to sign her name a few years before her death. She became well known for her poverty, which was eventually eased by a US-based charity organization of Himachal Pradesh later in life after reading a Punjabi newspaper account of her living conditions.

    Early life

    Devi was born in the village of Ghaton in the Sirmaur district in 1925. Her father was a substance farmer of the Dalit or untouchable caste. She began working as a servant during her early childhood and married bonded laborer Shamu Ram at age 14. Ram died of typhoid fever when she was 22.


    A local volunteering group, the People’s Action for People in Need, backed Devi as she filed a public interest lawsuit in the High Court of Shimla against 48 mine owners. She accused that the quarriers were being reckless in their mining of limestone, though the group denied all allegations against them, claiming she was simply blackmailing them For More Information Wikipedia


    Devi died 30 December 2007 in Chandigarh, India aged 82. She is survived by a son and 12 grandchildren.


    In 1999, Devi was awarded the Stree Shakti.

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