Adarsh Rathore

    Adarsh Rathore

    Adarsh Rathore was born on 12 June 1988 in Jogindernagar Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Adarsh Rathore is an Indian journalist, musician, and folk singer. He struggled a lot in his early life. Adarsh Rathore is best known for his rap song, Dhikkar Hai, about corruption in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. He became popular on social networking sites after uploading his raps and songs on YouTube.

    Adarsh Rathore Himachal Pradesh

    Adarsh Rathore works as an online journalist for BBC News Hindi. He has also previously worked with The Times Group. And before that, he worked in some news channels. He started a campaign against corruption on a large scale in CWG New Delhi. When he sang the song for the campaign, it became a worldwide internet hit. And many people had also praised lot. He was widely acclaimed for the Himachal version of Kolaveri Di.


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