Founded in the year 1908 to honor Raja Bhuri Singh, Bhuri Singh Museum is located in close proximity to Chaugan town of Chamba. Initially, this museum was started with the paintings added by Raja Bhuri Singh but now it includes rich collections of items like carved doors from the old palaces, copper plate grants, frescoes, miniature paintings, and many other items of the historical period. The Prasastis of Sarahan, Mul Kihara, and Devi-Sri-Kothi are in Sarda script, recollecting the major facets of the medieval history of Chamba.

You can also enjoy seeing the paintings of Basohli School, be showing scenes from the Ramayana and the Bhagavata Purana. Some of the antique items of the museum include coins, arms, and armor, jewelry of the region, royal costumes, decorative items, musical instruments, etc. If you are keen to know and understand the entire history and culture of Chamba, this museum is a must-visit place for you. It remains open on all weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM, except Mondays.. Also on display, are the popular Basholi and Kangra-style paintings.

If you have come to visit Chamba, then you must visit Bhuri Singh Museum once. Here you will get to see things that you have never seen before. The history of Chamba Himachal has been interesting and this museum is proof of that.