While most temples will leave you spiritually rejuvenated, there are a few where you can take a dip into hot water springs and baths, which leave you refreshed and maybe even healthier Vashisht Baths Manali.

Situated 6 km away from Manali, these are natural hot springs accompanied by beautiful sandstone temples. The government has made arrangements for separate bathing areas for men and women.
The water in these natural springs contains medicinal properties that are believed to cure skin diseases. This area is surrounded by hundreds of small shops from where you can buy souvenirs and religious merchandise from Vashisht Baths Manali. Founded by Guru Vashisht who was the sole Guru and teacher of Ram and Laxman. The place was once the home residence of the Vashisht clan. Ruled by direct ancestors of Guru Vashisht Upton 1534 when under Akbar, the Mughal Army seized the temple and small palace of Vashisht village and the neighboring villages which were under the rule of Guru Ram Chandra Vashisht. The family of the ruler and the remaining Vashisht clan were exiled to Punjab(now Haryana ) under Akbar’s rule Vashisht Baths Manali. Shri Chandra Vashisht son of then Ruler Ram Chandra Vashisht was one of the prominent Hindu guru in Akbar’s court and the family was kept on heavy pension until Jahangir abolished the Vashisht Clan hierarchy and stopped the pension but still rewarded them with land in unknown Villages of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Shri Chandra Vashisht died in 1572 serving under the Mughal court in Delhi.