Kuldeep Sharma


    Kuldeep Sharma, popularly known as Nati King, is a famous singer from Himachal. Kuldeep Sharma is known for performing “Nati”, the traditional folk dance of Himachal Pradesh. Sharma ji is known for his soulful voice and energetic performances. He has released more than 100 audio and video albums, and his songs are popular among all age groups in Himachal Pradesh. Kuldeep Sharma is a true star of the Himachali music industry. His songs are full of energy and emotion and have captured the hearts of people of all ages.

    Nati King Kuldeep Sharma

    He was born on 26 August 1977 in Theog, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. And after 12th he left his studies. He comes from a family of singers. His father’s name was Babu Ram Sharma and his mother’s name was Begi Devi Sharma, who was a famous local singer. It is said that he took singing training from his mother only. And he started singing at a very young age and people started liking him very much. He won several prizes in school and local competitions and became the youngest singer to be selected for All India Radio in 1994. Kuldeep has two younger sisters. He is married to ‘Veena Sharma’, a resident of the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. They have a son ‘Swardeep Sharma’ who aspires to become a famous singer like his father.

    Early Life

    At the age of 16, he auditioned for Akashvani Shimla and got selected. He recorded three songs with them and became the youngest singer of Akashvani Shimla. Kuldeep Sharma’s first big break came in 1997 when he performed at the Dharamshala Summer Festival. He later released his first album, Himachali Geet Dhamaka, in 2005. The album was a huge success and established Kuldeep Sharma as a major force in the Himachali music scene. He has also worked with some of the biggest names in Himachali music such as Dev Negi, Sapna Chauhan, and Daler Mehndi. Kuldeep Sharma often visits the whole of Himachal Pradesh. He is also a regular at major music festivals such as Dharamshala Summer Festival, Shimla Summer Festival, and Shoolini Mela Solan.

    Famous Pahadi Singer in Himachal Pradesh

    He has performed at both the national and international levels. In 2019, he recorded two songs for the Hindi film- Van Rakshak and was also selected for the Bollywood film- ‘Yaariyan 2020. He is a follower of the Sant Nirankari Mission and whenever he gets time from his busy schedule, he attends their Satsangs. For her performance in singing, she was honored by the ‘Hind Sangram Parishad’ on 6 May 1995. He has been awarded as the Best Pahari Singer twice and has won the Pahari Mrinal Award and the Him Shree Award.

    kuldeep Sharma Pahari Nati

    Here are some of the most popular kuldeep sharma pahari nati:

    • “Rohru Jana Meri Amiye”
    • “Meri Preity Zinta”
    • “Pata Pani Ra”
    • “Dhola Ra Dhamaka”
    • “Meri Monika”
    • “Rumatiye”
    • “Himachali Jaunsari”
    • “Dj Pande Lagi Nati”
    • “Naati Fever”
    • “Batheno Chali Jatire”
    • “Shaluye”
    • “Kindi Chaali”
    • “Shilpa Shimle Waliye”
    • “Bimla Tere Hotle”

    Kuldeep Sharma is a talented singer who has a bright future ahead. Nati King Sharma ji will continue to entertain and inspire people for many years to come.


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