Bhaba Pass Trek is also known as Pin-Bhaba Pass Trek. This trek starts from Shimla via Kinnaur. The trek starts from the small Himalayan village of Kafnu in Kinnaur. After this one has to cross the Pin Bhaba Pass at a distance of 4865 meters. The trek is a full 1 week. This trek is not just about the landscape, it also introduces you to two different cultures of the Himalayas. Pin-Bhaba Pass Trek is a famous trek in Himachal Pradesh.

Pin-Bhaba Pass Trek

The trek starts from the dense forests and grasslands of Kinnaur crossing the high passes of Bhaba and Pin and ends in the barren landscape and desolation of Spiti Valley. A distance of 4865 meters has to be covered. The lush green meadows on the banks of the Bhabha River are very attractive. After crossing the Bhabha you enter the Pin valley. First, we get to see the splendid culture of the mountains and then we get to see the barren land and splendid culture of Spiti Valley. The maximum height of the Pin Bhaba Pass trek is 16,125 feet. You can camp in the vast open grassland. And you can enjoy the beautiful jungle and thrilling landscape. In trekking, you cross the river and walk in nature.

Important Things about the track

The track can be done from mid-May to September. There are some remarkable things about the Pin Bhaba Pass trek. The temperature of the trek remains between 13°C to 18°C during the day. And the night temperature ranges from 0°C to -7°C. The total distance of the trek is 48 km and can be completed in 7 to 9 days. The maximum altitude is 16,125 feet.

After covering a distance of 203 km from Shimla to Kafnu, you trek from Kafnu to Mulling. You can book treks online. After that, you can get the full details of the track corresponding to everything. One has to travel about 11 km from Kafnu to Mulling. It will take 2 days from Shimla to Mulling and then trek from Mulling to Karah. After walking for 6 km to 7 km one has to trek from Karh to Phutsirang. Take a rest at Phutsirang, then trek from Phutsirang to Mangrunse via Pin Bhaba Pass. Can take rest after walking 10 to 11 km. And then after that one has to trek from Mangrungse to Mudh. And after that, you will trek from Mudh to Manali. You can come to Shimla from Manali. Any bad weather or rain may delay your track a bit. The track is huge, so everything has to be taken care of.


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