One of the major attraction of the town, Jagannath Temple was built by Raja Budh Prakash in the year 1681. Dedicated to Lord Neel Madhav, this temple is constructed on the same line of the architecture of the original Puri Temple. Temple was designed by Raja Budh Prakash in 1681 A.D. creating the top of the Monsoon, the pageant of ‘Sawan Dwadashi’ is widely known annually at the temple, towards the top of the monsoon once lii idols of native gods are carried in procession to Jagannath temple wherever {they are they’re} floated ceremonially during a pool and are improved at nighttime to their niches. within the heart of Nahan city is patrician Tal, wherever an oversized temple and a tank from the times of ex-rulers of Sirmaur State will be seen.

Ducks and Cranes are have seen taking part within the Ranital Tank, and Ranital Garden and adds to the charm. settled in Burra chowk, Jagannath Temple was in-built in the seventeenth century. The presiding God is Lord Vishnu, together with the presence of alternative deities. The temple was made by Raja Budh Prakash in 1681 A.D. the doorway to the Jagannath is thru a stately domed entree.