Regarded as one of the most challenging treks in the northern Himalayan region, Parvati Valley Base Camp Trek is perfect for those seeking adventure. The mesmerizing views all around will not only leave you spellbound by its beauty but also be filled with adrenaline by the challenges it throws at you at every nook and corner of Parvati Valley Trek.

Although the trail is not really well laid, the thrill it brings is unmatched by any other trek. Although the trek is quite long and taxing, the reward is extremely exhilarating. As the altitude increases, the surroundings become more enchanting adorned with dense forests, lush green meadows, and a plethora of gushing streams, all being flanked by majestic snow-clad peaks.

The peaks with changing colors are quite unique and the sun gleaming over them makes the surroundings all the more beautiful. Crossing the Parvati River and its various tributaries can be a bit excruciating and so does traversing the high-altitude fissures.