Here we are talking about one of the oldest companies of alcohol in Himachal Pradesh which is situated in the Solan district. This company was established by the British man Meakin that’s why it is known as Mohan Meakin. In this article we are talking about the detailed information regarding it, the main brand of alcohol produced it and how to reach this place. For more details regarding this company, you can read this article which is given below Solan Brewery.

HP oldest and first producer of alcohol

This company was established why the British man which is known as Mohan Meakin that’s why it is known as Mohan Meakin Brewery. This company is situated in a place known as Brewery. This is Himachal Pradesh’s first company that produces alcohol in the state. This company was built in the year 1855 by the British Solan Brewery. This company produces mainly two or three brands of alcohol which is given below:
– Solan’s whiskey
– Rum
– 10000 beers
These are the products that are produced by the company since 1885. And these products are sent across the state as well as different parts across the country. Its sub-branch is situated in the Jabali which is about 3 km from the main branch on the Chandigarh road. This sub-branch also produces the same products as well as some fruit beer which was started in recent years, in which the content of the alcohol is about 5%. The main fruit beers which are produced by this company are given below: