Mohan Meakin Brewery, located in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, is one of the oldest and most famous breweries in India. People also know it by the name of Solan Brewery. Solan Brewery has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Mohan Meakin Brewery in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, continues to be a major player in the Indian alcoholic beverage industry, with its legacy and iconic brands leaving a lasting impact on Indian consumers. Mohan Meakin Brewery Solan holds an important place in Indian culture. Old Monk rum, in particular, has achieved cult status among rum enthusiasts and is considered a symbol of nostalgia for many Indians.

Mohan Meakin Brewery Solan

Mohan Meakin Brewery was established in 1855 by an Englishman Edward Dyer in Kasauli, which is near Solan. Initially named Dyer Breweries, it began as a small-scale operation producing beer for British soldiers stationed in India. In 1949, after India gained independence, the brewery was shifted from Kasauli to Solan, also known as the “Mushroom City of India”. The move was mainly due to the availability of better infrastructure and transport facilities in Solan. These products are dispatched to different parts of the entire state and across the country. It also produces some of the fruit beers introduced in recent years, with an alcohol content of around 5%.

Mohan Meakin Products List

It is now a part of the Mohan Meakin Group, which owns several popular brands in India, including Old Monk Rum, Golden Eagle Beer, Solan No. 1 Whiskey, and others. The manufacturing facilities of the brewery are located in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. These facilities are equipped with modern technologies and adhere to quality control standards to ensure the production of high-quality beverages. Mohan Meakin Brewery produces a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

  • Old Monk Rum: Old Monk is one of the most famous and coveted dark rum in India, known for its distinctive taste and smoothness.
  • Golden Eagle Beer: This brand of beer is well-recognized and popular in India, known for its refreshing taste.
  • Solan No. 1 Whisky: Mohan Meakin also produces whiskey under the Solan No. 1 brand name, offering a variety.

Solan No. 1 Whiskey Price

Solan No. 1 Whiskey is a brand of whiskey produced by Mohan Meakin Brewery, a renowned brewery in India. And Solan No. 1 Whiskey is available primarily in India both in liquor stores and online retailers. The price of Solan No 1 Whiskey may vary depending on factors such as variant, bottle size, location, and any applicable taxes or import duties. Solan No. 1 Whiskey is known for its smooth and distinctive taste. Flavor profiles may vary depending on the specific variant. Some common tasting notes associated with Solon No. 1 Whiskey may include caramel, vanilla, oak, spice, and fruity flavors.

How to Reach

How to reach Mohan Meakin Brewery in Solan, Himachal Pradesh When you reach Solan city, you can inquire from the local people about the specific location and address of Mohan Meakin Brewery. Ahead of Solan is a little ahead of Chambaghat on the Shimla road. The nearest airport to Solan is Chandigarh and the nearest major railway station is Kalka Railway Station. The rest of Solan is well connected by road, and you can reach the city by bus or private vehicle.


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