This Dhankar Monastery is situated on a cliff between Kaza and Tabo. An amazing view of the Spiti river can be seen from here. This Monastery has a statue of ‘Vairocharan’ displaying four statues of Buddha seated in 4 directions, along with ancient paintings, murals, and texts. A true insight into Buddhist religion and culture can be procured by a visit to this Monastery. It can be accessed by a motorable road.

Dhnakar Monastery Lahaul and Spiti

Dhankar Monastery, once the capital of Spiti, is strategically built at the highest location in Spiti valley. It is one of the main tourist destinations in the Spiti region. It offers a jaw-dropping panoramic view all around! The monasteries belong to the Gelugpa Order of Tibetan Buddhism. The statue of Vairochana or Meditating Buddha’s idol forms the center of the monastery. Monastery has ancient murals, thankas, and Buddhist scriptures that are worth seeing.

Apart from the Monastery, there is a small lake called Dhankar Lake which can be approached through a steep but short trek from here. Once you reach the lake, the turquoise blue-colored water will let you feel the eternal bliss of that place. For more info: