Nalagarh Fort is one of the most famous heritage hotels situated in Himachal Pradesh. Located on the edge of Aravalli Hills, the fort overlooks the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. It was initially given the name Sudarshangarh which later evolved to the Nalagarh meaning home of tigers.

Nalagarh Fort Himachal Pradesh

The mighty fort was originally built as a place to move above the city and was connected to the fortress of Jaigarh which was the old capital of Amber through its walls over the surrounding hills. Situated in the middle of lush greenery combined with modern amenities, it serves as an ideal getaway for the weekend.

The fort witnessed some paramount events in history including treaties with the Marathas and their wars with Jaipur in the 18th century. The Europeans were moved to Nahargarh Fort during the Indian Mutiny of 1857 by the king of Jaipur for their protection. Nalagarh Fort is spread over an area of 10 acres on the top of a hill. It has been built in the Mughal Style of architecture on five levels.