Trilokinath Temple is located in Udaipur, District Lahaul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. It is 45 km from Keylong, the district headquarters of Keylong, Lahaul, and Spiti. Earlier the temple was known as Tunda Vihara.

About Trilokinath Temple

It is the only temple in the whole world where Hindus and Buddhists worship equally in the same temple. Hindus consider the deity Triloknath as ‘Lord Shiva’ and Buddhists consider the deity as ‘Arya Avalokiteshvara’. While the Tibetan people call him ‘Garja Phagspa’. After Kailash and Mansarovar, this holy temple are considered to be the holiest pilgrimage site. It is also believed that whatever is sought here with a true heart is definitely received.

History of Temple

Temple History is very old. It is said about the temple that was built in the 10th century. The temple was built by Davanjara Rana. Rana Triloknath was dear to the ancestors of the present ‘Rana Thakur rulers’ of the village. And Chamba Mahayogi Siddha Charpati Dar had a major role in the construction of the temple. Charpati Dar had immense devotion to the Bodhisattva Arya Avalokiteshvara. Trilokinath temple houses a marble idol of the six-headed Avalokiteshvara. About which different types of stories are heard. Some stories tell that King Trilokinath of Kullu tried to remove the idol but was defeated because the stone was too loose. The right leg of the idol has a wound that is said to be the result of a sword strike by a soldier of a king of that time.

In some stories, it is said that it is the form of Lord Shiva and his beloved Nandi vine. And in some stories, it is said that there was a lake in the present Hinsan Nala, where the people of the village used to graze the cows. And seven people used to come out of the lake and drink the milk of grazing cows. Tundu the cowherd one day caught a milkman and took him to the village. Overnight the man turned into a marble deity. And then the temple was built there. The water of the present violence drain is still milky white. The color of its water does not change even in rain.

How to Reach

A little behind Keylong, a road leads to Triloknath Temple, a journey of about 2 hours. Triloknath also gets HRTC buses and if you want to go with family or friends, you can also book direct taxis from Manali. It is about 146 km from Manali. There is no hotel near the temple, but some people have the facility of staying in the temple itself. Right now the people there are working to build some hotels and inns. There are some hotels in Udaipur village near the temple, from there it is about 15 km to reach the temple.



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