City Shopping in Spiti – Being a lesser-known as a typical holiday destination, the tourism sector in Lahaul and Spiti is not well-developed and finding shops for souvenirs would be difficult here. However, there is a special variety of tea here known as the Spiti tea which is claimed to slows down aging as per the locals Lahaul and Spiti HP. Kaza headquarters of Spiti and a small town is famous or its pure wool shawls, carpets, and woolen clothes. Ceramic items and local jewelry are also on the top list of buyers. Let’s check out some major shopping outlets in the town. The spot is well known for its floor coverings, unadulterated fleece shawls, and woolen garments. Readymade pieces of clothing made of Merino fleece and exceptional things like room shoes made of grass. A standout amongst the most anticipated part of any occasion/trek is the shopping. Shopping in Kaza is a flat-out enjoyment.

Shopping in Kaza

The place is famous for its carpet, pure wool shawls and woollen clothes. Ready-made garments made of Merino wool and unique items like bedroom slippers made of grass have great demand. Moreover, Chinese ceramic utensils, clothes, stone gems and local jewellery can also be purchased. State government hand-loom centre and co-operative society run shops are best place in Key long to buy such items.

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