Corona pandemic 2nd stage

About Corona pandemic 2nd stage – As we all know India is still recovering from the pandemic known as covid-19. India would never have thought that the second stage of coronavirus could ever come. India had already suffered a lot from the first wave of coronavirus. Indian Government and every citizen of India are not ready for the second wave of COVID-19 because they already used their best facilities to escape from this pandemic due to which India has faced more difficulties than before. If we consider this pandemic as a curse for India, it is true because India is second in the world, having lost many people due to Coronavirus.

New symptoms have been discovered from the second wave of coronavirus:-

• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath,
• Chest pain or pressure,
• Loss of speech or movement

Stage 2 – Coronavirus

All over the world, 100 laboratories are contributing to making the vaccine for the coronavirus. In India, two vaccines have been approved by the Indian government. These are Covishield manufactured by Serum Institute of India (SII) and Covaxin manufactured by Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL). These medicines are effective against COVID-19 but they also have some side effects like tiredness, fever, chills, muscle or joint aches, and Headache. According to reports last year, scientists had detected a new variant, called B.1.617, with two mutations – the E484Q and L452R. This double mutant strain was first detected in Maharashtra and people suffered more in Maharashtra than in other states. According to scientists and doctors’ reports, we saw after every session there were different variants of coronavirus.

Covid-19 in India

The Indian government has made a full effort to fight Coronavirus, but the Indian government has faced too many problems. People have lost their relatives and closest friends due to coronavirus. As we all know the Coronavirus symptoms, the Coronavirus is directly damage our respiratory system due to which patients with COVID-19 face breathing problems. Due to poor respiratory systems, the patients of COVID-19 had to take oxygen cylinders to breathe but oxygen cylinders were lacking due to the high intensity of the patients of COVID-19. According to those who are smokers face up to 50% higher risk of death from COVID-19 so quit smoking. Health Ministry did not have that much stuff due to which patients had to suffer a lot of problems but all the staff and other corona warriors did their best to protect people from Coronavirus.

Many people started donating money to save humanity and help the poor fight Coronavirus. Due to good relations with India, many countries helped India to fight with Coronavirus. Life is precious and the coronavirus taught us that. No matter which government will be elected in the future, everybody should take a lesson from this pandemic and invest in a good future.

Follow these basic rules to avoid Coronavirus:-

• Wear a mask properly, do not wear a mask two or three times
• Social distancing
• Use sanitizer or wash your hands properly

In this era when the Indian Government had to spend its money on medical facilities, they are just securing their positions and taking elections more seriously than coronavirus. If the other countries did not help us, could the Indian Government fight itself against coronavirus?
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