Interesting Facts about Himachal Pradesh
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45 years agone, on Jan twenty-five, 1971, Himachal Pradesh became the eighteenth state of Republic of India when the passing of Himachal Pradesh State Act, 1970. throughout British people rule, Himachal Pradesh became a section of geographical area Province and later in 1950, Himachal Pradesh was declared as a Union RoyallogicsTerritory. Himachal Pradesh may be a land of gods with little discovered and so much to explore and discover about this adobe of natural beauty and snow. There area unit things that are still quite strange and unknown about this state of Himachal Pradesh. for many of those, I can bet that you just didn’t realize all of those before. So, here area unit many fascinating and wonderful facts concerning the state for you to browse, relish and share.

Some interesting facts that you must know about Himachal Pradesh:

  • Himachal was named by Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma WHO was one among the best Sanskritic language scholar fascinating Facts concerning Himachal Pradesh
  • Hima means that ‘snow’ in Sanskritic language. The word ‘Himachal’ virtually interprets to ‘In the lap of Himalayas’
  • Himachal Pradesh dates back to the amount of Indus natural depression civilization, that flourished four,000 years fascinating Facts concerning Himachal Pradesh
  • The first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh was Yashwant Singh Parmar
  • In 2003, Forest Survey of Republic of India outlined the forest space represent of Himachal Pradesh, about 66.52 % of the whole space of the state fascinating Facts concerning Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh roughly consists of over 463 bird species and 359 animals species. it’s additionally the house for 2 major national parks, namely; nice chain of mountains parkland in Kullu and Pin natural depression parkland fascinating Facts concerning Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh has achieved one hundred pc hygiene, and per reports, every single house features a restroom Interesting Interesting Facts concerning Himachal Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh is that the second least corrupt state of Republic of India when Kerala
    Himachal Pradesh hosted the primary Paragliding tourney in the Republic of India, in Oct 2015
    Shimla consists of the sole natural skating rink in Asia fascinating Facts concerning H.P.


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