Located just 38 kilometers away from Nahan, Renuka Ji Lake is the perfect place to visit for people who are into nature and the solace it offers. Unlike other lakes in the area that is famous for their pristine beauty and surroundings, Renuka Lake is renowned for its cultural history. Not only is this the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh regarding area (the lake covers a circumference of about 3214 meters); this fantastic water body is shaped in the form of a reclining woman, and hence is considered to be a personification of the Goddess Renuka Renuka Lake Himachal Pradesh.

Located in the Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh, the Renuka Ji Lake is at an elevation of 672 meters above sea level. The lake houses many fishes and other aquatic beings. Boating facilities are also available at the lake, and the entire boating experience heightens the joy and fun of being at the lake. Another lake which is dedicated to Lord Parshuram, the son of Goddess Renuka, is also present in the vicinity of the Renuka Lake Himachal Pradesh.

Tourists also get to visit some temples while at the Renuka Ji Lake, and this fact primarily appeals to the religious and devoted people, who get one more reason to plan a trip to the serene and beautiful lake. All in all, the Renuka Lake is the perfect holiday destination that can be visited all year around and beckons nature lovers and pious people from all across the nation Renuka Lake Himachal Pradesh.

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