The Baglamukhi Temple is in Kangra, a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh, India. It’s a symbol of old stories and spiritual importance. The temple was established centuries ago in honor of Goddess Baglamukhi. Baglamukhi is known for her immense power to defeat evil forces and provide protection to her devotees. The Baglamukhi temple holds special significance as a Shakti Peetha, one of the revered Peethas of the divine feminine power. Legend has it that the tongue of Goddess Sati fell at this place during the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, making it a sacred site for worshipers of the Shakti. Many devotees come here and the temple is always crowded. In this context, we will try to give you all the information about Baglamukhi Temple.

History of Baglamukhi Temple

Believed to have been built centuries ago, the history of this temple is shrouded in legends and folklore. According to Hindu mythology, Baglamukhi Devi is one of the ten Mahavidyas, who symbolize the fierce form of Goddess Parvati. In the center of the temple is the sanctum sanctorum, where the divine presence of Goddess Baglamukhi is believed to reside. Decorated with exquisite sculptures and sacred relics, the sanctum sanctorum radiates an aura of sanctity and reverence. From elaborate pujas and yagyas to vibrant processions and cultural programs. Each festival provides an opportunity for devotees to express their reverence and seek the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi. One of the most auspicious festivals of the Baglamukhi temple is the Navaratri festival, a nine-day festival dedicated to honoring the nine forms of Goddess Durga, of which Baglamukhi is one.

Another important event in the temple calendar is the Baglamukhi Jayanti. Which is celebrated to commemorate the divine incarnation of Goddess Baglamukhi. It is believed that by offering prayers and performing rituals at the Baglamukhi temple. One can obtain the gracious blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi, who is revered as the ultimate source of strength, courage, and protection. Devotees seek his divine intervention to overcome challenges, ward off negativity, and achieve success in their endeavors.

How to Reach Baglamukhi Temple

Reaching the Baglamukhi Temple is quite simple, providing travelers with multiple transportation options. For those flying in, the nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, located about 40 kilometers from Kangra. On arrival, taxis and buses are easily available for onward travel to the temple. Travelers opting for train travel can alight at Kangra Railway Station, which is conveniently located at a short distance from the temple grounds. Furthermore, well-paved roads connect Kangra to major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh, ensuring hassle-free travel for visitors. The Baglamukhi Temple is approximately 128 kilometers away from Shimla and around 240 kilometers away from Chandigarh.

Best Hotels Near Baglamukhi Temple

For pilgrims and tourists visiting the Baglamukhi Temple, Kangra offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. From cozy guesthouses to luxurious resorts, visitors can find comfortable accommodations close to the temple. Some notable options include Hotel The Grand Raj, Hotel The Castle, and Hotel Baglamukhi Heights, which offer warm hospitality and modern amenities. If you’re looking for luxury and relaxation, you can opt for well-known hotels such as The Chintpurni Heights and The Lodge at Wah. Which offer lavish amenities and stunning views, guaranteeing a rejuvenating experience.

Exploring Attractions Near Temple

Apart from its spiritual importance, Kangra has a lot of tourist attractions for tourists to visit. Nature lovers can go on scenic treks in the Dhauladhar range or visit the serene Kareri Lake. Those interested in history can explore the rich heritage of Kangra Fort, while art lovers can admire the exquisite Kangra paintings at the Kangra Art Museum. Other nearby attractions include Masrur Rock Cut Temple and Brajeshwari Devi Temple. Adventurous souls can partake in thrilling activities such as trekking and paragliding amidst the breathtaking scenery. While culinary enthusiasts can savor the local delicacies at nearby eateries, treating their palates to the authentic flavors of the region.


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