Awah Devi Temple is an ancient temple located in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. This temple is situated on the border of Hamirpur district and Mandi district. This temple is located at a distance of 26.4 km from Hamirpur and 56.2 km from Mandi. Temple has been built by the local people. The idol of Maa Jalpa has been installed in this temple. Along with this, the idol of Guga Pir has also been installed in this temple.

Awah Devi Temple Hamirpur

It is said that two families were working in the fields at a place called Sangroh in Hamirpur, one family was from Hamirpur and one was from Mandi. While working in the field, his plow hit a stone. When he saw, blood coming out of that stone. Slowly this thing spread everywhere. When people took out this idol, the mother appeared to everyone. After that, there was a dispute between the people of Hamirpur and Mandi regarding the installation of the idol.

So the people of the market picked up the idol and left. After walking for some time, people started resting by keeping the idol of the mother. When people started lifting the idol again, they could not lift that idol. People tried a lot to lift the idol but they could not lift it. People installed the idol at the same place with mutual consent. And this is how Awah Devi Temple was established. the temple is also known as Jalpa Devi Temple.

How to Reach Temple

The nearest airport to Awah devi temple is Gaggle airport. The distance between Kangra Gaggle airport to Awah devi temple is 103.9 kilometers. Which can be accomplished with the help of buses and taxis. The nearest railway station to Hamirpur district is the Una Railway station. The distance between Una Railway station and the temple is 86.7 km. Hamirpur is well connected by road with another city and district of Himachal Pradesh.


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