Dedicated to Goddess Tauni, who is believed to be the sister of Goddess Durga, Tauni Devi Temple is situated on Hamirpur-Awa Devi Road. The temple is at a distance of 12kms from Hamirpur. It is a 200 years old temple and is revered highly by the local people of the district. An annual fair takes place in the temple during the month of Ashran (June-July), which is attended by a large number of devotees from all over the state of Tauni Devi Fair.

Tauni Devi Temple Hamirpur Himachal

Temple of Tauni Devi, the goddess of the Chauhan dynasty, almost 300 years ago, when Mughals ruled over Delhi, they started torturing the children of Rajputs, and when the Rajputs began to change their religion by adopting Jainu, 12 of Chauhan dynasty The brothers had taken refuge in this mountainous inaccessible area to protect their religion and kin. He had a sister with him, which was not heard. Tauni Devi Fair The head of the family planned the building at the center of Baker Kunah and Pung Khad, but at the place where the foundation stone was laid, they were amazed at the flow of blood. On this, the priest was taken from the priest and he accused the virgin girl of the house for this.

The women of the house accused the goddess, Tauni Devi, on which the distressed mother had done terrible penance at this place, and 10 entries in the Ashadh month were interrupted. In memory of her, her brothers established a small temple here, which today is a grand form that Has taken hold. Every year the fair is organized in memory of Mother. Tauni Devi Fair In Navratri, devotees also travel far and wide. Mother Taueni did not listen to Goddess, so whenever anybody wants a vowel, then the stones are stuck there together and every mood is completed.