Tauni Devi Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh state, India. It is dedicated to Goddess Tauni Devi. The temple is situated atop a hill at an altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea level. Devi temple is known for its unique architecture, which is a mixture of Himachali and Mughal styles. Its façade is decorated with beautiful carvings and colorful paintings. The interiors of the temple are equally impressive, with elaborate decorations, murals, and sculptures. Devi temple is especially popular among couples seeking the blessings of the goddess for a happy and long-lasting married life.

History of Tauni Devi Temple Hamirpur

It is believed to be an ancient temple that has been in existence for many centuries. The temple is said to have been built during the reign of the Katoch dynasty, which ruled the region from the 6th century to the 18th century. It is also believed that the temple was renovated and expanded during the Mughal period. Legend has it that the temple was built in honor of Goddess Tauni. She is said to have appeared in a dream to a local king and asked him to build a temple in her honor. The king obeyed the goddess and built a beautiful temple at the place where she had appeared in his dream.

Another popular legend associated with the temple is that it is the place where the Pandavas of the Hindu epic Mahabharata stayed during their exile. It is believed that the temple was already in existence at that time, and the Pandavas were so impressed by the beauty of the place that they made it their home for some time.

Temple Architecture

Tauni Devi Temple is famous for its unique architecture, beautiful location, and religious importance. And the architecture of the temple is a mix of Himachali and Mughal styles, making it unique and a sight to behold. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the temple makes it an ideal place to spend some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The façade of the temple is decorated with intricate carvings and colorful paintings.

How to Reach Temple

The valleys and mountains around the temple are very beautiful, seeing them gives peace to the mind. There are several transport options available to reach Tauni Devi Temple in Hamirpur. The nearest airport to Hamirpur is Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala which is 85 km away. The nearest major railway station to Hamirpur is Una, which is approximately 80 km away. Hamirpur is well connected by road to major cities and neighboring states.

You can take a bus from Shimla, Delhi, Chandigarh, or other nearby cities to reach Hamirpur. After reaching Hamirpur, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Tauni Devi Temple, which is located about 5 km from the city. The temple is situated atop a hill, and you have to climb a flight of stairs to reach it. However, the climb is not very difficult, and the beautiful views along the way make it an enjoyable experience.


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