The Bhagsu Waterfall is perhaps the most famous tourist spot that is located in Dharamshala and attracts tourists from all across the country who wish to revel in the glories of nature and spend some quiet moments in peace and serenity. The Bhagsunag Waterfall is located on the main road which connects Mcleodganj and Dharamshala and is an ideal location for picnicking with family and loved ones Bhagsu falls.

The waterfall starts at the base of the Dhauladhar Valley, which is also considered to be a religious spot. Before cascading down, the stream also passes through the famous Bhagsunath Temple. In fact, the Bhagsunath Temple is located just half a kilometer away from the waterfall, and tourists and devotees prefer to visit the two places in combination while on a tour of Mcleodganj.

The cafes and coffee houses nearby serve lip-smacking food and light refreshments, and tourists especially love to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, while viewing the gorgeous waterfall and listening to the sounds that the cascading water creates. Bathing in the waterfall is also possible, but the water is freezing at times for the normal human body to handle.