Lippa having Taiti stream flowing by and the green grass which is considered nourishing for cattle and horses, is a favorite spot of Buddhists because of the three temples of Galdang Chhoikar, Dunguir and Kangyur and an old monastery dedicated to local deity Tangtashu. Lippa village is situated at the confluence of two streams one is called Ashrang Khad coming from the side of Ashrang village and the other is Lippa khad . Afterward this confluence the stream is given a new name Keerang Khad . This Kerrang is a tributary of River Satluj and meets Satluj near Keerang Khad Pul. Lippa is nearly 10km from this Keerang Pul. Peoples going to nearby market spills or Development block Pooh follow this root by personal light vehicle Lippa Kinnaur.

Lippa is about 47 km from Distt.Headquarters Reckong-Peo.One desirous of going to Lippa have to borrow a bus from Reckong-Peo with root Peo to Lippa. The bus then follows the root- Powari Mode-Kharo pul-Skiba-Akpa. Up to Akpa, the road is NH-5. After that, the bus turns towards Lippa. about 5km from Akpa one road moves towards famous village Rarang and the other goes towards Lippa. from this point, as we move another village comes is Jangi 12km from here. At Jangi there is ITBP company post. From Jangi Lippa is 10km Lippa Kinnaur. Lippa is a beautiful Village with mixed followers of Hindu and Budhh religion.there is a facility of Primary Health Centre, Post -Office, Govt. Senior Secondary School, Govt. Primary school, One Private Primary school. The climate is not very humid. Pleasant in summers but very cold in winters.The region is scarcy of rain even in rainy season.

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