Lippa village is a remote village located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. This village is situated at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level. This Lippa village is the largest and most famous of the villages here. The village is surrounded by pine and deodar forests. The nearest town to reach Lippa Valley is Reckong Peo. From Reckong Peo to Jangi and from Jangi to Lippa one has to trek for 12 km. Lippa is the second largest village in Kinnaur district after Sangla village.

Lippa Village Kinnaur

One of the main attractions of Lippa Valley is the annual Fulch fair, which is celebrated in Lippa village in the month of August or September. The fair is dedicated to the local deity Tangyud. The fair is known for its colorful processions, traditional dances, and display of local crafts and cuisine. Lippa Valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and crystal-clear streams. The local people are mostly farmers and herders and follow a traditional lifestyle. They speak Kinnauri and Tibetan and are known for their hospitality and warmth.

Lippa Asrang Wildlife Sanctuary

Lippa Asrang Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of about 30 square kilometers and is known for its unique flora and fauna. Vegetation in the sanctuary includes alpine and subalpine forests, with species such as fir, pine, oak, and rhododendron. It is situated in the high peaks of the Himalayas and is characterized by its rugged terrain, steep slopes, and deep valleys. This sanctuary is popular for trekking and camping. It is advisable to visit the sanctuary with a local guide, as the terrain is challenging. Asrang is home to a wide range of wildlife species including the Himalayan black bear, musk deer, panther, and snow leopard. And the sanctuary is also very famous for its medicinal plants and herbs, the local people use it a lot. and is also home to several bird species, including the Himalayan monal, western tragopan, and koklas pheasant.


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