Sangla Valley of Kinnaur is also known as Baspa Valley and it attracts travelers from all over the world. It is named after Sangla village and is one of the largest villages in Kinnaur. Sangla Valley starts from Karchum and ends at Chitkul. Sangla Valley is equipped with a petrol pump, bank ATM, post office, restaurants, bars, mid-range hotels, and a few shops. The valley is surrounded by lush green forest and red apple and cherry trees add to the beauty of the place.

Sangla Himachal Pradesh

It is said that by 1989, outsiders used to take a special permit from the Government of India, only then could enter the Sangla Valley. At that time, it was due to its strategic position on the Indo-Tibetan/China border. The villages around the valley include Chanceu, Brua, Shong, Chitkul, Rakham, Betri, Goring, Kamru, and Kilba villages.

Sangla is famous for its wood carving work, handmade shawls, and caps. Kinnaur apples are one of the best apples in the world. Sangla Valley is surrounded by evergreen forests, hilly slopes, and snow-clad peaks. Its beautiful cherry trees and red apple orchards are very attractive. The lush green valley of Sangla and the Baspa river famous for trout fishing is very popular. Bering Nag Temple, Kamru Village Fort, and Sangla Buddhist Monastery attract a lot of people here. Chitkul is the last village in India and houses high-altitude Himalayan treks like Lamkhaga Pass, Rupin Pass, and Borasu Pass trek.

Best Time to Visit Sangla Valley

The best time to visit Sangla Valley is from May to September. And if you want to experience snow then December to March is the best time. In summer there is a good amount of sunshine during the day, but the weather remains pleasant. The temperature remains minus in winter. After July when the rainy season starts, it is a bit difficult to travel at that time.

How to reach Sangla Valley?

Sangla Kinnaur is easily accessible from Shimla. Private and HRTC buses ply from Shimla to Kinnaur. And from Chandigarh also there are direct buses to Kinnaur. And women passengers traveling in HRTC buses in Himachal get a 50% discount. If you are planning to visit Kinnaur with friends or family then you can book Innova, XUV, Tata Sumo, or Tempo traveler from Shimla. The journey from Shimla to Sangla is full of high mountains, villages, views of the Sutlej River, and beautiful snow-capped mountains. Let us tell you that the distance from Delhi to Sangla is about 590 km. And Sangla is about 354 km from Chandigarh. It is a 240 km journey from Shimla and on the way, Kufri, Fagu, Rampur, Tapri, Karcham, and then Sangla will come.


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