Trilokpur is found around twenty-three kilometers west of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. It derives its name from the 3 Hindu deity temples here dedicated to Bhagwati Lalita Devi, Bala Sundri, and Tripur Bhairavi. Of these, the shrine of Mahamaya Bala Sundri is of huge importance to the pilgrims and is in style to the Trilokpur temple. It reflects the Indo-Persian type of design Mata Balasundari.

Mata Balasundari

Raja Dip Prakash commissioned the Trilokpur Temple within the year 1573. This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has the divinity Mahamaya Bala Sundri because of the principal spiritual being. Legends speak of a sacred stone or ‘Pindi’ of salt, purchased by an area monger, that is presently enshrined within the temple’s sanctum Mata Balasundari.

It has eventually emerged as a legendary place of worship and thousands of devotees visit this temple throughout the 2 Navaratra fairs. The Chaitra honest here is a command within the month of March or Gregorian calendar month and also the Ashwin honest is widely known in Sep. Not solely domestic tourists, however additionally international guests throng Trilokpur throughout the competition months Mata Balasundari.

History of Trilokpur Temple

According to legends, the sacred stone, a logo of the divinity Balasundari was found in a very bag of salt purchased by an area monger Ram Dass. The salt within the bag was odd even when he oversubscribed it for the whole day. The divinity, in his dream, directed him to create a temple and enshrine the ‘Pindi’. Ram Dass approached the king and a pretty marble temple was created. Another temple for Tripura Bala was later created in 1570. The descendants of Ram Dass still perform the most pooja (inception of prayers) at the Trilokpur Temple Mata Balasundari.

How to reach Trilokpur Temple

This temple is around twenty-three kilometers from Nahan and you’ll rent taxis from there to succeed in Trilokpur. This place is additionally accessible from Naraingarh, Shimla, and Ambala. Shimla is 158 kilometers, Ambala is fifty-seven kilometers and Naraingarh is fifteen kilometers from Trilokpur.