Maharana Pratap Sagar, in India, otherwise called Pong Reservoir or Pong Dam Lake was made in 1975, by building the most elevated earth-fill dam in India on the Beas River in the wetland zone of the Siwalik Hills of the Kangra region of the province of Himachal Pradesh.

Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

Named in the respect of Maharana Pratap 1540– 1597, the store or the lake is a notable untamed life haven and one of the 26 worldwide wetland locales proclaimed in India by the Ramsar Convention. The reservoir covers a zone of 24,529 hectares, and the wetlands divide is 15,662 hectares. The Pong Reservoir and Gobindsagar Reservoir are the two most essential angling supplies in the Himalayan lower regions of Himachal Pradesh. These stores are the main wellsprings of fish inside the Himalayan states. Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam is a noted dam of the city of Pragpur, which has been built across the Beas river. Situated at a height of 450 m, this dam stretches across a wetland of about 45000 hectares. It has been declared as one of the 25 international wetland sites in India by the Ramsar Convention. The dam is named after the renowned Indian warrior, Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap Sagar Himachal Pradesh

Located in Kangra district, Maharana Pratap Dam is a man-made reservoir. In 1960, a dam was built on the river Beas which ultimately leads to the formation of the huge Maharana Pratap Sagar lake. The reservoir is a popular tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh where one can do paddle boating or simply take in the view while walking along the boulevards. The reservoir is a man-made wetland and is spread over an area of 45,000 hectares. Don’t miss the scenic beauty of the lake which offers a pleasant view of the hills and landscapes; apart from this, the reservoir is an animal sanctuary as well, known as the Maharana Pratap Sagar Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to diversified flora and fauna, while the water sports center established here is a good spot for some adventure and fishing.



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