In this blog, you can read about the history of Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh and also know about Old Bilaspur and New Bilaspur. Bilaspur district is a district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Its headquarters is in Bilaspur city itself. It is the third least densely populated district of Himachal Pradesh.

History of Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

Bilaspur was earlier called Kahlur, which was a princely state of British India. Bilaspur city was established in 1663. On 13 May 1665, Guru Tegh Bahadur came to Bilaspur to join the mourning of Raja Deepchand of Bilaspur. Champa, a widowed female patroness of Bilaspur, offered the Guru a piece of land in her kingdom. Guru bought the place by paying 500 rupees. The land included the villages of Lodhipur, Manipur, and Sahota. Here on the mound of Makhowal, Guru Tegh Bahadur built a new base. The shelter built by the Guru was demolished by Gurdit Randhawa on 19 June 1665. The new village was named after Guru’s mother Nanaki.

Bilaspur was a part of Punjab till 1936. India became independent in 1947 and Bilaspur was included in Himachal Pradesh on 12 October 1948. Bilaspur was made a separate district in July 1954. Due to the construction of a dam across the Sutlej River, the city of Bilaspur merged into the Govind Sagar Lake.


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