Barot is one of such unknown places which has not received due encouragement and credit on the tourism map of the state. Barot shaped a part of the Mandi Riyasat before and through British times and was ruled by the King of Mandi. Barot was conjointly on the mule path connecting Kullu’s natural depression to Kangra’s natural depression.

Barot District Mandi Himachal Pradesh

The importance of this route declined once Kullu was connected to a road from Mandi. Barot hill station is located in a very tiny natural depression shaped by the Uhl stream. Enclosed on each side by components of the Dhauladhar vary of the chain of mountains, Barot is found at an associate degree elevation of 1819 meters (6001 ft) on top of the mean water level. Most of the village is settled on the banks of Uhl stream. The Uhl barrage and reservoir for the Shanan Power House area unit is a serious geographical feature of Barot.

Barot Valley

Know About Barot – a hill station

Barot a village (hill station), originally developed in the Nineteen Twenties for Shanan Hydel Project is currently a holidaymaker location in the Mandi district within the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Barot was troublesome to access till 1975 once a road was opened. it’s located forty metric linear units from Jogindernagar and sixty-six metric linear units from Mandi, the district headquarters. The road to Barot branches off at Jogindernagar-Mandi high ways in which and from Jogindernagar the gap is forty metric linear units. it’s typically attainable to use the funicular trolley car from Jogindernagar that reduces the gap to twelve metric linear units. The road route includes terraced fields and thick cedar forests, rising to Jhatingri at the summit. The remains of the summer palace of the previous rulers of the Mandi area unit settled here. Through the small village of Tikkun, the road carries on to Barot.

Barot also forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl. The sanctuary is home to the monal, black bear and ghoral. Within it is a forest rest house


Barot hill station could be a frequent packer and day holidaymaker destination. several trekking trails have Barot, together with trails to Bada Bhangal, Manali, and Kullu. Most of the day tourists as attracted by the serene surroundings and low-cost accessibility of accommodation. Of late, Barot is additionally developing into an associate-degree fishing destination and hill station. The Uhl stream supports trout breeding and Barot encompasses a few fish farms. Across the stream, Uhl is the Nargu life Sanctuary, home to goat antelope, a chain of mountains of black bears, and a spread of pheasants. 3 artificial lakes together with one reservoir on Uhl stream enhance the sweetness of this splendid hidden treasure in concert enters the Barot village close to Dragan. associate degree previous fountain channelizing the waters of Uhl erupting at regular intervals is another supply of attraction. simply opposite the fountain, 2 centers of spiritual religion area unit located.

Shanan Hydel Project – Barot is the body of water purpose of the tunnel that diverts stream water of Uhl stream to Shanan Power House in Jogindernagar. The city encompasses a diversion dam that was commissioned in 1932. The funicular trolley car system was engineered throughout construction to attach Barot with Jogindernagar. The project employees sleep in the geographic area State Electricity Board (PSEB) colony in Barot.

How to Reach destination?

By road – Barot has located twenty-five metric linear units off National road twenty. The diversion to Barot is at a village, Ghatasani, on the Mandi-Jogidernagar road, fourteen metric linear units from Joginder Nagar and thirty-five metric linear units from Mandi. This Ghatasni-Barot road passes through Jhatingri and Tikkan. From Tikkan, the road runs on the Uhl stream until Barot. a serious portion of this road is single-lane, although not a technique. Barot is connected by public buses to Mandi, Jogindernagar, and Palampur. Buses plying to Kothikodh, Bada grandma, and Lunardi conjointly have Barot.

Railway – The highest railroad station is at Jogindernagar, the terminus of the railroad track railway line connecting Jogindernagar to Pathankot. the road is operated by Northern Railways, a division of Indian Railways.

Haulage trolley 18 - hill station
Haulage Trolley 18 Joginder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh

Other modes – The funicular trolley car system connecting Barot with Jogindernagar was engineered throughout the development of the Shanan Hydel project and was the sole access till the road was opened in 1975. This trolley car link originated to facilitate the transport of construction material to Barot for a reservoir on the Uhl stream for Shanan Power House. However, once the road association was established, the trolley car fell into a state of unsoundness. It is presently owned and maintained by the geographic area State Electricity Board. Currently, the trolley car isn’t in use and is merely operated for infrequent inspections of the penstocks. By air from Delhi to Bhunter(Kullu) or Gaggal(Kangra) landing field then by Taxi to Barot, you’ll be able to simply reach the Barot.


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