A treat for trekking and rock climbing buffs, Churdhar Sirmaur Himachal Peak at a height of 3650 m above sea level is a 50km trek. Covered with verdant forests and fields, one can approach this peak from Dadahu, Sangrah, Bhawal, Gandhuri, and Nauhra Churdhar.

After a taxing trip to the peak, the reward is a spectacular view of the landscape which is simply breathtaking. Churdhar is named after the deity Chureshwar Maharaj who used to live here in ancient times.
As per mythology, he was sent packing by Lord Shiva from this place when he struck lightning at the hilltop. Churdhar is the highest peak in the lower Himalayas at 3655 meters approx.
A perfect trek in the vicinity of Chandigarh, it takes us through dense forests, open meadows, and finally to the Churdhar Peak from where views are nothing short of amazing. On a clear day, one can see peaks like Shrikhand Mahadev, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Kinnaur(or Kinner) Kailash to name a few.
Trek from Solan’s side starts at Nauradhar and is approximately 15 km to the top. There are 3 more starting points for this trek. One of these starts from Sarahan in the Shimla district which is a steep incline of 7 km.
Once you reach Nauradhar, all the tiredness would go the moment you see the trail snaking upwards through the forest toward the destination. Churdhar Sirmaur Himachal is the pride…