Barot is a mesmerizingly beautiful village located in the serene valleys of Mandi District in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a newfound tourist destination and is located about 67 kilometers away from Mandi. If you are a backpacker, this destination is perfect to backpack through for a day or so. The scenic landscapes are captivating, and the unpolluted air draws travelers from across the world for sightseeing and much more. The location is famous for its numerous trekking trails passing through the village and hence is a preferred trekking destination to Barot Valley.

Very few travelers know about Barot Valley and its unexplored and unexploited landscapes. For the ones seeking such virgin travel destinations, this is the place to be in the midst of the gorgeous state of Himachal Pradesh. The village of Barot came into the limelight when the Shanan Hydroelectric Project was proposed around 1920 in India.

Anybody visiting Barot will surely be awestruck by its scenic beauty. This village, although small in size, has a wealth of beauty stored. The forests around the village are mostly Deodar and Oak which grow in abundance in the region and are home to a variety of flora and fauna.