A famous trekking path all around and situated at the height of 3334 m, Kamru Nag Lake lies on the Mandi-Karsog road and serves as a resting place for trekkers.

Bounded by snow-covered Dhauladhar and the Bahl Valley, this place will leave you completely bewitched. A Kamru Nag Temple in the proximity to the lake is flanked by a thick cover of the lush green forest. Kamrunag is known as the Lord of Rain in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The temple of Kamru Nag is located at village Kamrah in Mandi in the midst of a thick forest. Devotees throng the temple premises in large numbers for favorable weather conditions. A fair is held at this place on the 14th of June every year. People make various offerings including ornaments, coins etc. According to tradition the offerings to the deity are thrown in a small lake nearby. A priest acts as a medium on behalf of the Nag Devta.

The Legend Kamrunag :

Like every other temple, peak, and lake in the Himalayas, this lake too has a story. It is believed that the Lord KamruNag wanted to participate in the great battle of Mahabharat. However, he was not allowed to take part in the battle. However, he witnessed the battle until its end Kamru Nag Lake.

Today, villagers visit the lake and the temple to pray to the Rain God during summers and it is believed that only after prayers have been offered to the Lord, the rainy season marks its presence in the valley. Every year a three day fair is held at this place in the middle of the June. Pilgrims make various offerings including coins, gold and silver ornaments in the lake.