Malana village is an ancient village located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a village where the constitution of India is not followed. These people follow their thousands of years old tradition instead of following the constitution. This village is situated near Malana Nala of Parvati Valley. Which is the violence of Parvati Valley itself. This village is situated at an altitude of about 3029 meters above sea level. Some such rules were made in Malana village which was later converted into a parliamentary system. It is believed that the democracy of this village is the oldest democracy in the world.

History of Malana Village

It is said that a long time ago Jamlu Rishi came here to stay. He had made the rules and regulations of this village. Jamlu Rishi is worshiped before the time of Aryans. The residents of this village are also descendants of Aryans. But due to other customs and traditions, the people here consider themselves the descendants of Sikandar. According to the people, it is said that when Sikandar came to attack India, some soldiers of his army left his army. And he had settled in Malna village. That’s why the people of this believe that they were descendants of the Sikandar army. There is also a story that once the Mughal ruler Akbar became very ill. So the people of Malna treated him and cured him. So Akbar had exempted the people of this village from tax. Some Greek words are also used in the language of these people.

People here worship Akbar during the Fagli festival. It is absolutely forbidden for outsiders to touch anything in Malna village. Its people have put up posters at various places. The people of this place believe that drunk people are impure and everything they touch becomes impure. That’s why a fine ranging from 1000 to 2500 rupees has been kept for touching any Vastu temple here. The parliament of this village has two houses, the upper house and the lower house. The upper house consists of 11 members, out of which 8 members are elected by rural voting and 3 members are guru-pujaris and kardars. It has one member representative from each house. All kinds of disputes are settled in this parliament.

How to reach Malana village

The nearest airport to reach Malana village is Bhuntar Airport which is located in the Kullu district. Malana is situated at a distance of about 59 kilometers from Bhuntar. And the nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station which is 125 km from Malana. The distance from Kullu to Malana is approximately 47.7 km (via Manikaran Rd). which can be decided in 1 hr 46 min.


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