Malana Village History

Malana Village History – Malana is an Associate in Nursing Associate in a Nursingcient solitary village in Himachal Pradesh in an isolated and charming tableland by the aspect of the Malana watercourse. called Malana Nala, it lies in Anapurna vale that may be a quaint corner aloof from the remainder of the planet. one in all the distinctive aspects of this destination is that the sturdy culture and beliefs of the locals, WHO follow their rules with the utmost determination. inline with them, Malana is that the place wherever democracy is best followed by the well-organized parliamentary system, guided by their divinity Jamlu Rishi. it’s believed that Jamlu was idolized throughout the pre-Aryan times. it’s been the topic of varied documentaries like Malana: the economic process of a chain Village and Malana, A Lost Identity. Their court system resembles the traditional Greek System as they believe themselves to be the followers of Alexander the nice, Kullu Himachal Pradesh Malana Cream Himachal Pradesh.



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